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Updated: 4 days ago

8d Press, Scotland’s newest publishing house will launch its business by showcasing UK and Scottish talent to the world.

8d Press will promote the writer’s lifestyle as a holistic experience by publishing new and up-and-coming Scottish writers, by selling quality Scottish and UK products that enhance the writer lifestyle and by organizing writer’s retreats and events that support the life of a writer in Scotland and the UK.

Merchandising Manager at 8d Press, Polly Plouviez said that all of 8D Press’s products, for sale on its website, will enhance the writer’s life and make the penning of that great novel easier.

Polly said: “We’re all creatives and when we want to get inspired we head off around the country and explore the wilderness, the beauty of the UK’s shores. In Scotland we’re spoilt rotten with inspiration from the landscape, and we always pack our writer’s toolkit to help us enjoy our stay. We love our whisky flasks, our thick tartan shawls and our secret stash of gorgeous chocolates. We add in a gorgeous notebooks and our favourite ink pens as we love writing and designing using quality ink and bamboo pens that are gorgeous to hold.

"The 8d Press website will have everything you need to make your escape into the Scottish wilderness perfect. A bestselling novel will be the end result,” Polly added.

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Updated: 4 days ago

A publishing house with a difference has been launched in Scotland. 8d Press, based in Fife, on the outer fringes of Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is publishing new Scottish writers in an anthology to be released in summer 2021.

8d Press is an independent press that supports and actively looks for new and up-and-coming writing talent in Scotland.

Its upcoming anthology – entitled LUCENT – will feature 24 up-and-coming women writers who have penned short stories, poems and prose poetry about the sensory in Scotland. LUCENT will be brought out as a limited edition, numbered and dated paperback, designed and printed using the highest quality papers and inks.

Founder of 8d Press, Jo Chumas – a published author herself – said LUCENT would show-case the magnificent wealth of creative talent in Scotland.

“8d Press in unlike any other publisher,” she said. “We’re committed to nurturing and supporting Scottish writers by publishing their writing in gorgeous, keep-sake books that are as exquisite to hold, as they are to read.”

8d Press is encouraging submissions to their publishing house.

Jo said, “As writers, we have been through the industry, been rejected, have had our books published with sub-par designs and sub-par covers. We have waited months and years for our work to be assessed and then rejected. We have been frustrated at the state of the industry and the fact that so many good writers are being ignored. At 8d Press we aim to change all that by running a business that wraps up the whole experience of being a writer with the charm and allure of Scotland and all the inspiration it provides."

“And we are NOT a vanity press. 8d Press does not ask authors to contribute in any way financially to the publication of their work. Our books are works of art and the writer’s lifestyle encourages great work, from locations, accessories and events – writers want their lives validated, and we do that.”

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Updated: 4 days ago

Scotland is the perfect place to write and be creative, according to new independent publishing house 8D Press. From its sensational landscape, to its history and cultural, it’s a country that never ceases to amaze, inspire and fuel creativity.

8D Press is proud to run its operations out of The Studio in Fife, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and is now supporting and showcasing Scottish writers and their work with its forthcoming anthology entitled LUCENT.

8D Press Creative Director Nigel Male said that the press was all about promoting and supporting the creative lifestyle of the writer to help them achieve their best work.

“Writers need support, they need to have their work recognized and they need a creative family there with open arms to help them achieve their best work."

This is why 8D Press is different. We’ve been through the mill with our own creative lives, and we’re determined to turn things around. We’ve always had a holistic view of what it means to be a writer and a creative.

When we go out into nature, in Scotland, we take with us, our hearts and souls, our creativity and we’re in the moment, fully engaged with this glorious country. 8D Press is publishing up-and-coming writers in uniquely designed paperbacks at no cost to them. We also pay our writers, because we value them. We’re there for them, at the end of the phone and we’re linking up with the biggest and the best in Scotland to support them in their creativity, from whisky distilleries, tourism businesses, independent retailers and independent lifestyle product manufacturers from Scotland to help ease the way from blocked creativity to free-flowing writing genius.

This is what we’ve always wanted and in 2021 we’re making this happen.

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