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about us.

8d Press was set up many years ago as a small, independent publishing house, in Melbourne, Australia in an era before the Internet. It gained popularity through events, book fairs, launches, magazine articles, radio appearances and good old-fashioned PR. 

It ran as a small independent press between the years 1994 and 1997, and gained traction in emerging online platforms from 1997 onwards, producing four titles, The Uncomplicated Life of a Woman; Man, Woman & the Lash; Torture, and Lush

The philosophy behind the Press was always to produce beautiful, numbered and dated books of prose poetry and short stories that dug deep into the human condition, and allowed a glimpse at subconscious desires in all of us. 


But life eventually got in the way, and in the noughties 8d Press (from 2001 to 2020) went into a long, long slumber, only to be woken up, on the other side of the world, during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 Pandemic and a bitterly cold, Fife winter lockdown. 

Refreshed and gleaming with health after its long, long sleep, 8d Press is back in full form, with its mission the same as was at its inception; to publish limited edition beautiful books of prose-poetry and short fiction, designed with love and passion, filled with exquisite writing, gorgeous to touch and hold and keep, forever.

Its catalogue of fiction now includes five more titles, one hardback, two imprints, a forthcoming poetry anthology and a much-awaited paperback of short Scottish fiction. 

By supporting us, you're supporting SCOTTISH FICTION.


Check out all the ways you can support us by going to the SUPPORT SCOTTISH WRITING page on this website.  


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