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8d Press is now accepting submissions

Please bear in mind that we are a small indie publishing house, run by a team of three, and we have a very clear vision of what we want in terms of submissions; details are below.

Please carefully consider if approaching a larger publishing house or literary agent wouldn't be better for you, before contacting us.

We recommend Query Tracker for your search in this regard.

Please know too that we are Scotland-focused and therefore are looking for stories that come from a Scottish perspective. 


Our guidelines for submission are below:-

* Please submit a short sample of your writing. If you are submitting poetry, please send one complete poem. If you are submitting a novel, please send one chapter (if can be any chapter - we are looking at your writing style). 

* Make sure that your name and the title of the piece is on each page of your submission. 

* Send us a short bio in which you detail what prompted you to write your piece.

* Consider buying one of our books so you can get a feel of how we like to publish. You can buy our books through this website. 

* Understand our preferred story types:- surreal poetry, prose-poetry in the manner of D.H Lawrence, William Trevor, or Yann Martel, short stories in the history, gothic, suspense/thriller, or Noir genres.

* We are currently accepting erotica for our imprint

* Give us time to consider you. 

Send your submission to