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8D Press Voucher Cream 21-08-2021.png

Gift someone you love beautiful bespoke writer’s accessories, handmade in Scotland and Ireland by artisan crafters. 

gift cards.

We now offer a choice of two gift cards, £35 or £75 via Gifted,
to enable you to give the gift of 8d Press's beautifully curated products!

We adore beautiful things and anything that makes the writer’s life easier and helps the words flow, we’re on it. When we go off writing, we pack our favourite things to make us feel good; a flask of whisky, a thick tartan shawl, a box of chocolates, an adored notebook, a beloved scarf, some favourite perfume, a tried and tested ink pen and good quality notepaper, an all-important phone charger, a sturdy manuscript holder and some essential oil.


Pick and choose from these wonderfully selected products that can make up our writers’ toolkit for you or a friend and we’ll package it up and send it off for you with love from 8d Press.

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