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8d Press will soon be releasing its latest anthology; a beautiful paperback book of fictional short stories, by eight super-talented Scottish writers, that will delight, entertain and make you think.

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8d Press is a small Scottish literary press with a difference. 

We are based in the beautiful, historic Scottish city of Dunfermline, Fife, close to Edinburgh, right in the Heritage Quarter, nestled within the glorious 16th century Abbot House, opposite the Abbey. 

We believe in the power of stories, and the beauty of books and everything they stand for.

We publish stories that stay with you.

We design and print quality, limited edition and numbered publications of real beauty, that are a pleasure to touch, hold and keep. We are NOT a vanity press NOR a partnership press where the author essentially pays for the publication of their work in conjunction with an established publishing house.

We pay our authors, not the other way around, however we only publish writers who, we feel, fit our mission statement; who, we feel, understand who we are, and who, we feel, will be a pleasure to work with. 

We are a genuine traditional publishing house, small in size but big in vision, run by a dedicated team of two.

Thank you for checking out our website. 

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LUCENT - an anthology of the senses in Scotland, published by 8d Press features the poems, prose-poetry and fiction of 22 new writers, exploring the way Scotland makes them feel.