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Featuring up-and-coming women writers.

A Scottish anthology of new writing celebrating the senses in relations to our  writers' experiences of Scotland.

LUCENT is our anthology of new Scottish writing, published by 8d Press. It will feature the poems, prose-poetry and fiction of 22 new writers, exploring the way Scotland makes them feel.

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Our beautiful limited edition (only 500 copies) hardback anthology LUCENT featuring the writings of 22 new Scottish writers is out on 15th June 2021 and is now available to buy online.

You can order your numbered and dated edition right here.

LUCENT is NOT being sold as an ebook; holding it, reading it, enjoying it will be a sensory experience that no digital platform can replicate.

Order yours now and choose your numbered copy - we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this.

a bit about LUCENT.

LUCENT is an ode to the light present everywhere we care to look.

It's a beautiful book of poetry, prose-poetry and memoir writings by sensational women writers, working today in Scotland and around the world.

LUCENT is an antidote to the fear and darkness of our Covid-19 times; a shout-out to what's important - the senses, nature and living simply and with gratitude for the simplest things in life. From walking your dog, to striding up a hill and deep breathing in the pure air of nature, from hugging a friend, to reading some poetry and mulling over how wonderful it is to be a human in the now, LUCENT is a song, a poem, a shout-out, a lyrical ode, a celebration, a gift, a physical moment in time and it's a physical book of great power.

LUCENT stands for the light that shines in all of us, if we choose to see it.