Don't get ripped off. Refuse to pay until you've received your services or goods

The above photo of trendy young web developer professionals was sourced from Wix photos and in no way is meant to represent the web developer I am talking about in my article below.

Since the dawn of time, thiefs and chancers have roamed the Earth looking for people to rip off. But with SOCIAL MEDIA we can call them out, expose them and SHUT THEM DOWN.

I run 8d Press, a lovely publishing business that I am passionate about. My passion, in some respects, makes me vulnerable – or it has done (not anymore).

I am passionate about doing the right thing by people, passionate about creating books that are truly beautiful. I am an open, honest and down-to-earth sort of person. I see everyone as equal – we are all humans on this strange planet – just trying to get on.

But….I learned another bitter lesson last year; never trust ANYONE outside your own small family circle, and please please be careful.

But let’s back up. In March last year, 2021, I decided (wrongly) that I needed help with my business (I didn't). So, I went online – don’t we all – and did a search on companies who might be able to help me.

Up popped a platform called BARK (first warning).

I put in my requirements and three ‘local’ companies populated my feed. I contacted all three, but one was persistent.

This company – I will call X-BULLSHITTERS – and by the way, they are on LinkedIn and all over the gaff online, and I am gritting my teeth, squirming because I want to name them right here and now – they called me pretty much straight away.

Mr X of X-BULLSHITTERS now had my mobile number and he called me quite a lot, telling me if I needed more time to consider his whizzo social media services, all good etc.

I was an idiot – I admit it. I looked at their fancy, smanzy website and was impressed (second warning). I told them what I needed; help with social media marketing, Google advertising, perhaps - maybe - a website build etc etc. I got a monthly retainer price and thought – well, that's expensive but Mr X Bullshitter was slick, he was smooth. And so, he got me (third warning).

So, we started to work together, and I was not impressed. I got the impression that this Mr X-BULLSHITTER was not all there, not all together. He would sometimes take a few days to return my calls. He had a go at crafting some logos for me, which were awful. And my god, all that is freely available through the wonderful app CANVA. I never used any of his crappy logos. I do it all myself now. I tried to convince myself all would be good. (Human nature right? My pride wouldn't allow myself to feel stupid).

Every three weeks or so, he got me in on meetings with five members of his staff, which I later found out consisted of three of his Kickstarter Interns – young girls who the UK Government were paying to learn about social media. They were young, they were rubbish and they couldn't spell.

Mr X-BULLSHITTER was, and is, a freelance web designer masquerading as hugely successful company - all lies.

He claims to have a wonderful, trendy business address in a northern English town close to the Scottish borders. I even paid him a visit to check him out and he had it all set up. I believe that he was and is hot-desking at this office space, pretending to be all that.

And that the 'staff' he claims who are part of his business, are in reality just freelancers who hotdesk with him, in no way related to his business at all.

I am assuming all the reviews online are fake reviews. He boasted to me once he knew how to extract all data out of top website and copy it all over. He's a master magician, but he's also an IDIOT.

Let’s get back to MY reality with this Mr X-Bullshitter and his Bullshit company. I took him to court, and won. He has a judgement against him which is serious. It's a County Court Judgement from a Northern English County Court, which means his credit file will be shot to pieces for the next SIX YEARS. He had the opportunity to return my money last year because I was chronically unsatisfied, but he decided or his pride or wife decided that a CCJ in the UK was worth it. My God!!! He told me in the beginning that he'd just signed a £200,000 contract with a top UK corporation. Well.....

He refuses to pay still, despite stealing over £3500 from me. He refuses to pay me despite the bailiffs going to his house – yes, you read that right. He is claiming NO ASSETS!! Funny.

Now, he is the director of a new company – and this new company is on LinkedIn and all over social media with those bristling reviews I can only imagine are fake or written by friends and family. His former company is still active at Companies House.

As a former journalist, I searched him out on Land Registry, Companies House etc and I know where he lives, how many kids he has, what car he drives, the name of his wife, what his previous companies have all been called. This is information I simply don't want to know, but I had to get a beat on this CHANCER and why he is still living out his lie.

The moral of the story is this: NEVER BELIEVE what you see/read online. NEVER work with anyone who demands money upfront. Only ever work with a company if they allow you to pay them after they have given you the service/the product etc etc.

I have worked with wonderful companies like this, who never want your money until you are 10000 per cent satisfied. I have worked with individuals who have refunded money if they felt I had overpaid on results. Wonderful companies/people.

This company is dangerous. This X-Bullshit company is all over the joint and any person can be trapped by them, as I was. They’re on LinkedIn right now, trading. I have been told I cannot claim against a new company and because this former company has claimed no assets I cannot claim against them either.

Be warned. If you want any info message me. I can show you the County Court Judgement against them. I can give you copies of the docs.

I live in hope that KARMA prevails and this d-f-bs is removed from the workforce before he can do any more damage and rip any more people off.

I suppose if I can end on a positive note, this D-F-Bs claimed and probably still claims he's a GURU Wordpress builder. After all that happened, I taught myself to build WORDPRESS websites and I am pretty bloody good at it. I know all the lingo, have designed and built three stunning WORDPRESS sites using UX builders. All it cost me was my time.

People like Mr X-BULLSHITTER will become obsolete but like the bullshit magician he thinks he is, he WILL be caught out.

I taught myself using YouTube and I'll never need another guy like that in my life again. I wish I had trusted my instinct. Remember your gut is QUEEN, always listen to your INSTINCT.

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