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8d Press To Work With Scottish & UK Suppliers Only

8d Press, Scotland’s newest publishing house will launch its business by showcasing UK and Scottish talent to the world.

8d Press will promote the writer’s lifestyle as a holistic experience by publishing new and up-and-coming Scottish writers, by selling quality Scottish and UK products that enhance the writer lifestyle and by organizing writer’s retreats and events that support the life of a writer in Scotland and the UK.

Merchandising Manager at 8d Press, Polly Plouviez said that all of 8D Press’s products, for sale on its website, will enhance the writer’s life and make the penning of that great novel easier.

Polly said: “We’re all creatives and when we want to get inspired we head off around the country and explore the wilderness, the beauty of the UK’s shores. In Scotland we’re spoilt rotten with inspiration from the landscape, and we always pack our writer’s toolkit to help us enjoy our stay. We love our whisky flasks, our thick tartan shawls and our secret stash of gorgeous chocolates. We add in a gorgeous notebooks and our favourite ink pens as we love writing and designing using quality ink and bamboo pens that are gorgeous to hold.

"The 8d Press website will have everything you need to make your escape into the Scottish wilderness perfect. A bestselling novel will be the end result,” Polly added.

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