A Scottish anthology of new writing celebrating the senses, as an ode to nature writer Nan Shepherd's The Living Mountain, will be released mid-2021.

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LUCENT, An Anthology of the Senses in Scotland, published by 8d Press, will feature the poems, prose-poetry and fiction of 23 new writers, exploring the way Scotland makes them feel.

The idea of the anthology stemmed from the classic Scottish ode to nature, The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd.

Jo Chumas, a writer, novelist and small press publisher, and who runs 8d Press along with her creative partner out of the Studio, in the Heritage Quarter of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland and who came up with the idea for the anthology said:


“I read Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain and fell immediately in love with the text. Everything that Nan Shepherd wrote about in her wonderful ode to the Cairngorms rang true with my own experiences of my adopted country Scotland.


"I became fixated with the idea of producing a tribute to Nan Shepherd and I asked writers to submit their work to me. I was delighted at the quality of the work and the passion these writers showed in their contributions. For me the most important message is that the senses are key to our experiences. Walking out in nature, being among people, getting outside, ourselves come alive. This is what Nan wrote about.

“The senses are the core of our being,” Jo said. “In Scotland, the senses take in all the gloriousness of this country, from the sounds of the birds, to the crystal-like light, to the panoramic views, to the scale of the mountains, to the dramatic seasons and wild open landscapes. Nature soothes us and reminds us of what’s important. We are all equal in Scotland, all just a tiny part of this massive, beautiful landscape and every single one of us feels Scotland, feels it through our bodies and our hearts in our relationship with this stunning country.


"I wanted to share my obsession with Scotland with the world.

LUCENT will feature up-and-coming women writers with links to Scotland and will be released in a limited edition, signed paperback.

8d Press is an independent publishing house which designs and sells beautiful books of fiction. We are entirely self-funded and we're looking for sponsors for the publication of LUCENT. Contact us for more information on how sponsorship of 8d Press's anthology of new Scottish writing can benefit you. 

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