8d Press is an independent publisher based in Fife, Scotland. We publish quality fiction by new and up-and-coming poets, short-story writers and novelists, with a Scottish focus, in limited, numbered editions.

Our philosophy is this; the story is everything and storytelling is the key to a more beautiful life. Our writers come from every background and they all have one thing in common; they are skilled at telling a story that uplifts and inspires, makes you think and changes your world for the better. We believe that small print-runs are better and aim to print 500 copies for first print runs.

Each book is numbered and dated and lovingly distributed. We’re passionate about physical books; the touch and scent of them, the way they feel in your hands. Books are the holder of our intimate secrets and stories make everything right in the world.

It’s our mission to produce physical books of real beauty, using the best quality materials, always, designed in a way that fulfils the soul, a keepsake for all time. Our literature and the books we produce are made in Scotland and where this is not possible, made in other parts of the UK, but never outside these shores.

We are totally Scotland-focused and we’re a home-grown company that lives and loves Scotland, with all our hearts, from the literature, the authors, the landscape, the mountains, the culture, the people and of course, the whisky.

buy LUCENT now.

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Our beautiful limited edition (only 500 copies) hardback anthology LUCENT featuring the writings of 22 new Scottish writers is out on now and is available to order online.

You can order your numbered and dated edition right here.

LUCENT is NOT being sold as an ebook; holding it, reading it, enjoying it will be a sensory experience that no digital platform can replicate.

Order yours now and choose your numbered copy - we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this.


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LUCENT - an anthology of the senses in Scotland, published by 8d Press features the poems, prose-poetry and fiction of 22 new writers, exploring the way Scotland makes them feel.


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Submit your stories on loneliness in 2021, and if selected you'll be mentored by a playwright, with help to turn your short story into a two-act theatre or radio play, and you'll be published in our forthcoming paperback, with seven other Scottish authors, plus promoted to the world. 

New Submission opportunity & the chance to be published by 8d Press, with mentoring, promotions and support, as standard. 
Click on this link & you'll be taken to the Creative Scotland site.