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You can support SCOTTISH LITERATURE in a number of ways, by supporting our independent press. 

It's our mission to change the face of PUBLISHING in Scotland, but not in the way you might think.

WRITERS and CREATIVES have for TOO LONG been the lowest-of-the-low in the PUBLISHING food chain. THIS IS SO WRONG. 

As PUBLISHERS we are also WRITERS, and we've been there, seen how our ROYALTIES, if we get any, ARE USUALLY the PRINCELY SUM OF NOTHING, once everyone else has been PAID. Advances to WRITERS rarely exist anymore. 

Without STORIES, without WRITERS, our world would be the equate to ZERO. 

We know there is PLENTY OF MONEY out there in our communities, and we want your SUPPORT to help writers emerge from the shadows, survive and thrive. 

This is where SOCIETY can come in.

We'll soon be detailing new and exciting ways you can, as an individual, or a company, support 8d Press in its mission to unearth the next generation of Scottish literary talent. 

Check back with us over the next few days to find out more or email us at

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