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Wooden Handcrafted Fountain Pen
  • Wooden Handcrafted Fountain Pen

    Write like a Pro with these seasoned Scottish wood hand-crafted, hand-turned and hand-made ink and ballpoint pens. We sell a selection of ballpoint pens, fountain pens and ornate Art Deco ballpoint pens – MADE IN SCOTLAND by our very own wood-turner from his studio in East Lothian, Scotland.


    These classic writing utensils will last forever and ever. Gone will be the days of searching for a pen that breaks on you. These gorgeous real wood beauties will inspire you to write your best work. And what famous author doesn’t like a bit of time away from the computer? Many a famous tome has been penned by hand on quality paper – it’s such a beautiful feeling.


    Perfect as a gift or just to gift yourself, there’s a pen in our shop for every occasion.  


    • Dimensions: 15cm long with lid on.
    • Weight: 206 grams.


    Choose from Apple wood, Walnut wood, Mahogany, Scots Elm, Oak, Italian Olive, Lemon wood, all hand-turned, crafted and MADE IN SCOTLAND.


    Hand-crafted Fountain Pens with ink cartridges and care instructions. 

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