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Our Etsy & online bookshop 'LoveMinaX'.

Beautiful ARTISAN books featuring SENSUAL short stories

I have always loved Anais Nin and Henry Miller, and their forays into erotic literature. I sold my little books at Literary Festivals and got interviewed on the radio. The reception was very good. Fast forward 25 years and I have relaunched these little erotic booklets as LoveMinaX, an imprint of 8d Press. I started selling these books on Etsy at the start of the Covid Pandemic in early 2020, and have loved every minute of it. 


Now I commission women writers and then typeset and hand-design, hand-make and bind the little books myself. Everything is done by myself at my Studio in Fife, Scotland.

I love the tactile feel of making little limited edition books by hand. It's calming, empowering and a beautiful experience. I love SENSUAL literature and the beauty of all things, from food to landscapes, aromas and sounds.

LoveMinaX is about the empowerment of women and our sexuality, the very fact that we indulge in body pleasure as a testament to life on our own terms, in any way we so choose, whether we live secrets lives or are happy in our relationships. We love how we want. Without sensuality, life is one-dimensional.

LoveMinaX sells on Etsy UK. It's our site managed by our very wonderful colleague Wilomina Bloom. You can buy our chapbooks there or here, whichever you choose. To check out our Etsy UK site, click on this link.


Or you can jump over to our other website - click here - where you can view and buy our artisan books of wonderful sensual writing by our team of women writers. I would encourage you to sign up to our once-a-month newsletter, jam-packed with information, from history to art, science and poetry, from old-world literature to clothing and fashion, from language and peoples, lifestyles and architecture. 

We hope you'll join us there. 



“A unique well written little book, my wife loved it and couldn't put it down so we will be purchasing others in the near future.” 


“Incredible poetry in a pretty chapbook. Would buy from this author again.” 


“Beautiful little book that arrived really fast too.” 


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