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journeys inside the solo life

Sad Portrait


Loneliness kills. That's a fact. But it doesn't have to be this way. Everyone needs someone. We all need love and understanding. And stories matter in whatever way they are relayed, on whatever platform, we are the teller of stories and these stories heal, inspire and tell us we are not alone. 

Image by Tom Pumford

journeys through the solo life

8d Press is proud to bring you, in the coming weeks, an outstanding anthology of Scottish writers, writing on the subject of LONELINESS. Commissioned during the Covid-19 Pandemic, ALONE is a powerful collection of short fictional stories which shine the light on our nation's - and the world's - shame. 

This beautifully-produced anthology of Scottish writing will be brought out as a paperback and ebook and will be available to buy through the usual independent bookshop channels, and here too on this website. 

Image by Tom Pumford

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